Wandering in the Sky / A zonzo tra le nuvole

Released on 2nd February 2006, WitS is my biggest and the most complex paper automaton I ever designed.

The three-gear train moves the wheels of the tricycle,  and the scotch yoke mechanism moving the bird wings. Connected to the pedals, the clown’s legs are linked with a lever system that moves the right arm and the head. With the Removable Inter-locking Pin System (RIPS), most of the parts are assembled without glue.

Technical Data
Mechanisms: 3-gear train, levers, scotch yoke
Number of parts: 171
Size: 1 70x130x400(h) mm
Paper: 160 gsm (US 90 lb card stock)
Instructions: in Italian and English, color illustrated
Difficulty: 4/5

Pubblicato il 2 febbraio 2006, WitS rimane al momento il mio più grande e complesso automa di carta.
Il treno a 3 ingranaggi muove le ruote del triciclo ed il meccanismo
scotch yoke che opera sulle ali dell’uccellino. Connesse ai pedali, le gambe del clown sono legate ad un sistema di leve che muovono il braccio destro e la testa. Le parti costitutive del modello sono assemblate senza colla, grazie al sistema di Perni di Bloccaggio Removibili (sigla inglese RIPS).

Dati Tecnici
Mechanismi: treno a 3 ingranaggi, leve, scotch yoke
Numero di parti: 171
Dimensioni: 1 70x130x400(h) mm
Carta: 160 g/mq (US 90 lb card stock)
Istruzioni: in italiano, inglese, con illustrazioni a colori
Difficoltà: 4/5 

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32 Responses to Wandering in the Sky / A zonzo tra le nuvole

  1. André Balke says:

    i hope that you have it in dutch

    • paperpino says:

      often, the instructions preparation take more time than the model designing.
      So, be happy to have the instructions in english…

  2. laura says:

    hello, I don´t know how to download the instructions of the clown. My daughter loves it and I want to give away. Yet available for download somewhere?
    thanks you

  3. Dr.John says:

    I am happy to see the bird available again. My first WITS got more favorable comment than any model I have built, but because the paper was too thick the bird action was sticky which hurt the crank and bent the slider. I now have the right thickness (hard to find where I live), so will try again. Thank you so very much for your automatons, your sense of whimsy is wonderful and designs inspired. Ciao!

  4. Boris says:

    quisiera que me manden mas modelos con sus instrucciones, me parece impresionante

  5. monique says:

    j’aimerai télécharger les instructions du clown surtout le mécanisme( ce clown dans ces nuages dégage beaucoup de poésie)
    merci d’avance

  6. chang-sun says:

    I am korean. this site is good.
    very value.
    thank you very much.
    Good luck.

  7. beall says:

    This model has brought much joy!!

  8. Don Burgess says:


    I’ve started to make WITS, which I think is fantastic, but I don’t know what the pieces are for on pages such as 4b and 5b or how to use them. I would be very grateful if you could tell me.

    Many thanks,


    • paperpino says:

      Pages 4b and 5b are back side of page 4 and 5, respectively. Print them if you want your parts more complete (in term of colours…).

  9. Salvador Alejandro Alba says:

    Congratulazioni e la ringrazio molto per questo modello di carta. Questo pagliaccio mi ha rallegrato il cuore. Molto grazie mio amico !!! Ciao.
    (Sorry if I made a mistake but I really don’t speak italian hehehe).

  10. Gary Coy says:

    hello, i would love to make the clown, but i dont see the download anywhere. please help

  11. Chris Sperrin says:

    Thankyou very much for this outstanding model and sharing it with us.
    I think Papercraft can be a great, inexpensive hobby and needs inventors like yourself with the ability and artistic mind to share with the world. All of your models are so good. Thankyou again and please find time to continue.

  12. John Jairo Osorio says:


    Es hermoso tu modelo, lo haremos para una exposición en mi pueblo, La Ceja, Antioquia, Colombia.


  13. Lisa Hills says:

    The images of your creations are beautiful. They should be sold just as they are presented.

  14. Alison Nichol-Smith says:

    Working on WITZ and have been for the last couple of weeks. Making the model in 130 gsm photographic paper as have a lot lying around. Have struggled with some of the pins, and even cheated once at the beginning with matchsticks, but this may be because the paper I am using is a little too lightweight. Am back on the site because, to my shame, I stuck the clown body together too early and now have to make another one – the first time I have had to re-print a page. I am also on my second tube of glue!
    Have yet to see my model in action and can hardly wait, or believe it will really work. But so far it looks wonderful – the construction is so strong and beautifully designed. thank you so much Pino for giving me all this pleasure.

  15. /the most fantastic work with paper I’ve ever seen. You delight me and my grandchildren. How do I buy the patterns?

  16. Marina says:

    Non ho mai assemblato nessun automa, ma questo…DEVO !
    Grazie mille per averlo condiviso e BUON NATALE PAPERPINO !

  17. David says:

    Thanks for the automata. I built Geneva Stop Sweet Dreams. I am still working on building up my courage and skills to attack WITS with bird. If I ever get around to WAP I think I will make it over a foam core or balsa wood frame.
    Thanks again, and conveying my hopes that you are not resting from your labors, but have yet another automaton in the works.

  18. Susanne says:

    WOW! Your Paperautomata Website are fantastic! Can’t stop working on the models! But my Printer stops working! Ahhhhh!

    I can’t find the Download-Link for ‘Wandering in the Sky’. Is it gone? I searched about the hole Site, but is nothing there!
    (Sorry, my englisch is not very good)

  19. suzan says:

    Estou amando os automatos quero muuuuuito aprender

  20. MAM says:

    merci beaucoup pour ce magnifique clouwn il fait rire les enfants difficile a construire certe mais le resultat est tellement plaisant merci encor je vous fait une bise de la part des enfants heureux de ce cadeaux de votre part

  21. E meraviglioso, questo clown: perfettamente disegnato, e capace di fare tanti movimenti! Sei bravissimo, proprio.
    Anch’io sono nonno, oramai pensionato e faccio automi, da 4 anni. Guardo sempre il tuo sito per darmi le ispirazioni.

  22. John Watterson says:

    WitS is probably my most favorite paper automata model I have ever put together or have ever seen. It was certainly the most challenging. I was fortunate enough to beta test this gorgeous model before it’s release. I didn’t get the whole model at once. I had to wait for each part to be designed and come to me. Oh, what a beautiful anguish it was. You will have so much fun building this model and amazing people (especially children) as they see it in motion.

  23. Marco Berera says:

    Very nice Automata, could one make it out of wood?
    some changes would have to be made, but I think one could.

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