URSUS (1914)

URSUS paper model
URSUS paper model in action!

March 2, 2011
The old steel giant decided that
the time to break his moorings and escape
had finally come.
The Bora, blowing at over 170 km/h,
was his accomplice.
Quickly, Ursus gained the sea.
Two tugs launched
in pursuit.
It took hours to bridle him
and bring him back to the port.
Since then, he has become a symbol,
a legend.
Ursus, the old steel giant…

2 marzo 2011
Il vecchio gigante d’acciaio decise che
l’ora di rompere gli ormeggi e scappare
era finalmente arrivata.
La Bora, con raffiche a più di 170 km/h,
fu sua complice.
Rapidamente, Ursus guadagnò il largo.
Due rimorchiatori si lanciarono all’inseguimento.
Ci vollero ore per imbrigliarlo
e riportarlo in porto.
Da allora è diventato un simbolo,
una leggenda.
Ursus, il vecchio gigante d’acciaio…

The recovering operation / Le operazioni di recupero
(video by G. Piras)

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The story of URSUS (in Italian) / La storia di URSUS
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3 Responses to URSUS (1914)

  1. Dear Giuseppe,

    Thank you so much for your Ursus design!
    It looks like you have managed to translate the harbour crane into a wonderful creative sculpture honouring the greatness of technological ingenuity.
    Instead of a scale model builders narrow view of what is a realistic (”true”) representation of a piece of human work, you show us something more: the idea behind the reality.
    Thank you so much.
    I am sure I will enjoy building the Ursus.
    With the best wishes from Sweden

  2. Alfred Erdmann says:

    Interesting story. I have downloaded the model.
    Thanks, Al

  3. Paolo Ghidini says:

    Complimenti Pino per questa Tua nuova creazione. 5 Stars.

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