Italian tomato souce recipe for the Southern Hemisphere

Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, is winter. But do not forget that in the other half of our Earth is summer, with warmy and sunny days! So, as the first post of my new site, I decided to add an old webpage illustrating the procedure for a fantastic tomato souce, together with a delicious Italian recipe. Enjoy them!

Nel nostro emisfero è inverno, ma non dimentichiamoci che nell’altra metà della nostra Terra è estate, con tanti giorni caldi ed assolati! Come primo post ho quindi pensato di aggiungere una mia vecchia pagina web che illustra la procedura per ottenere una fantastica salsa di pomodoro, assieme ad una deliziosa ricetta italiana. Gustatele entrambe!

Click to the Tomato Souce Webpage

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4 Responses to Italian tomato souce recipe for the Southern Hemisphere

  1. rafal says:

    We’re waiting for your models!!!!!
    especially ERG (earth relief globe)

  2. Charles Davenport says:

    Where are your famous automata models?

    • paperpino says:

      Thanks for your message.
      Please, be patient, I am uploading everything together with their original webpages on my new website. In 2-3 weeks, hopefully, I will complete the process…
      Ciao & Thanks

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