The Rolling Reels Circus / Il Circo dei Rocchetti Rotolanti

Rolling Reels Circus

As Tom Mitchell said:
This is the perfect thing to have at work for when I need a “mental health moment”.

Released year: 2005





Thank you michael42er!

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22 Responses to The Rolling Reels Circus / Il Circo dei Rocchetti Rotolanti

  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks for making this paper toy for the public, will sure make it cos when my son saw it, he just love it.


  2. Trần Phúc Lộc says:

    Hi Paperino ,
    I appreciate your work so much ! I want to ask you a favor , Can you please give me the download link for the fly santa which is not available on your page anymore . Ỉ really need it , Thank you !

    Wish you a happy holiday !

  3. Paper Model says:

    Thank for paper model.I like The Rolling Reels Circus.

  4. Brian Day says:

    I wanted to thank you for your great models. I’m building the rolling circus and have reached the point of building the ramps which are challenging. I’m redoing the curved sections as I ran into issues with getting the curve right. I’ll get it yet. I just downloaded the Flying Santa so I may try that once the circus is done. Thanks again. Merry Christmas! Brian

  5. michael42er says:

    Hello Paperpino,
    I’ve only now discovered to post comments here. First I would like to thank, for creating this unique models. The opportunity for free download is unique. It has me a lot of fun preparing your models to build. After referring to my video on Youtube, interest has skyrocketed. I wish you moreover good ideas.

    Michael alais michael42er

  6. Talented sir,

    I first learned of papercraft when I purchased a new Canon printer and was directed to Canon’s Creative Park. I quickly built a wonderful collection of patterns, and when I created the Dancing Santa, my husband’s eyes lit up. He thinks these are the cleverest things he’s ever seen.


    I built your circus model. It was quite a challenge, and I’m still trying to tweak the lifters, since it didn’t “quite” come out right. Maybe I’ll try again. I had to print several pages more than once because your instructions are not quite as complete as the patterns I found on Canon’s site, but I finally managed to get it together.

    I’m still new to this papercraft hobby, and anxiously await your next beautiful creation.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Tamara Monteau
    Haven’s Realm

  7. Danny Mosquito says:


    Just like to say a big thanks for the great effort in making the instructions for the circus. Just finished building it and it works a treat.
    Just a couple of things I found for other people making this:
    – Rice works well for weighing down the lifters.
    – Try adding a ‘Z’ support inside the cam to give it more strength, similar to how the crank or handle is made.
    – Don’t use too much glue! Aside from taking ages to dry it weakens and distorts the paper.

    Thanks again for the wonderful instructions and keep the creations coming….

    Danny 🙂

  8. Kent says:

    Hi Paperpino,
    Just try to contact you that I have written an article at my site ( to promote The Rolling Reels Circus and wanted to thank you for the generous and fun sharing.


    • paperpino says:

      Thank you Kent for your positive review.
      And congratulation for your nice and very informative website.


  9. Alisa Shea says:

    I just love your models. Thank you so much for sharing. Alisa

  10. Mélu says:


    Thanks for sharing your work. This is amazing. I can’t wait to do mine ;)!


  11. Beautiful.
    Love your work, I wish I can do some of your automates!!!

    Thankyou for creating this amazing objects.

  12. mariano says:

    Thank you very much.
    It would be a great craftily for my kids.

  13. himalay bambhaniya says:

    very good craft work with printable templates that can be made when someone is bored

  14. Omar says:

    Muchas gracias por este maravilloso modelo !

  15. Christopher Busta-Peck says:

    I enjoy this design so much that I made a giant version for the public library where I work as a children’s librarian. The kids that I serve love it.

    I hope you don’t mind that I made some alterations to your design.

    I’m still working out some issues, but it is fully functional at this point.

    The driveshaft has been extended so that we can put other types of gears on it in the future, with various little automata, as part of the learning process.

    Here’s a video of it:

  16. mihail says:

    Thanks for sharing is amazing i will try to make it with wood i
    like very much automata thanks again

  17. PIERRE SAYER says:

    I bring this wonderful automaton to Madagascar where many children have never seen toys but when it is so important, as everywhere, to marvel to build his life! THANKS, MANY THANKS!

  18. Cathe says:

    Beste Paperpino,

    Ik heb de Rolling Reels acht jaar geleden gemaakt en hij werkt nog steeds. Zelfs al die kinderhanden die hem hebben bediend, blijft hij mooi. Ik ben je er zeer dankbaar voor. Als ik er naar kijk word ik altijd vrolijk en kan het niet laten om hem te laten bewegen. XXX

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