The MOON: the Near Side, the Dark Side


(High relief cm 33x23x6)

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9 Responses to The MOON: the Near Side, the Dark Side

  1. Alan Newman says:

    Your models are absolutely brilliant Pino!
    My daughter is sooooo into the moon! I already found a paper moon model that I will prepare and we will then finish together – such a pity this is not available to make – but Thank You very much for releasing the others – very very kind of you especially in these crazy lockdown times!

  2. Mi Arpak says:

    Interesante acomodo y concepto con textos.
    Hay algún modo de conseguir este modelo?
    Comprarlo o construirlo?

  3. Jo says:

    Can I download this? Haven’t found the download button anywhere?

  4. Donald O'Brien says:

    I love your models; especialy your tribute to Da Vinci(Ilike the hammer the best!) and warning-air pockets! I thank you for making them available!

  5. Un grand bravo pour ce superbe tableau !

    Amitié, Michel

  6. Herbert says:

    That looks great, I’m curious on it.

  7. Herbert says:

    Das sieht toll aus, ich bin gespannt drauf.

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