The METEOR transMediterranean Cruise 2011

From 5 to 28 April 2011 I will be on board of the German research ressel METEOR for a transMediterranean cruise. The principal scientific objective of the cruise (code M84/3) has two closely-linked components: understanding and documenting the large-scale Mediterranean water property distributions, their changes and drivers of those changes, and addressing questions of a future Mediterranean Sea that will increase in dissolved inorganic carbon, might become more stratified and experience changes in circulation and ventilation processes due to global warming. [from Meteor M84 Booklet, ed.: Institut fur Meereskunde Universitat Hamburg]

In the picture above the planned cruise track is depicted. Oceanographic stations are marked with different colors, according to the scientific activity planned.

The research vessel Meteor serves basic German open sea research worldwide, in collaboration with other countries active in this area. The investigations span interdisciplinary research topics that scientists from universities and federal and state research institutions jointly conduct. These topics include maritime meteorology and aerology, physical oceanography, applied physics, marine chemistry, marine botany, zoology, bacteriology, mycology, marine geology, sedimentology and marine geophysics.

Owner Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology Flag Federal Republic of Germany Managing Owner Reederei F. Laeisz GmbH Built 1985/86 at Schlichting Werft, Travemünde Basic dimensions BRZ: 4280, Length o.a.: 97.50m, Length p.p.: 90.00m, Beam: 16.50m, Draught (basic) max.: 5.60m, service speed: 12kn. Personnel Nautical/technical: 32, scientists: 28 Max. cruise duration 50 days Navigation GPS, GLONASS, GPS attitude sensor (Ashtech ADU-II), radio-direction finder, 2 x RADARs, 2 x gyro compass, ECDIS Hydroacoustics Multibeam echosounder (ATLAS HydroSweep DS-2), sediment echosounder (ATLAS ParaSound), Pinger receiver, horizontal echosounder Lifting gear Stern A-frame, main crane and 2 auxiliary cranes, jibboom, corer handling device, side gallow Science space 20 laboratories on the main deck with approx. 400 sqm working space for multidiciplinary research in marine geology, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography, climatology, fishery, ecology, and hydro-chemistry. Free deck working space about 400 sqm totally.

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4 Responses to The METEOR transMediterranean Cruise 2011

  1. Simona says:

    I hope to see you soon to update you on the latest news.

  2. Tim Davis says:

    What a wonderful voyage!
    Now what we need is a paper model of the “Meteor”!

  3. Simona says:

    Ciaoooo, it is wonderful, remember if you see a shark, please call me immediately. Simona

    • paperpino says:

      Ciao Simona!
      No shark at the moment… we are now in the Levantine basin, steaming towards a station south of Crete.
      What about your sharks?


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