The Birthday Flower (tribute to Peter Markey)

Peter Markey was an artist known as a creator of poetic automata. His work is known for its simplicity of drawing and use of bright colors. He did not care for realistic representation and never carved the wood he used (Cabaret Mechanical Theatre).
His creations, both in wood and paper, were therefore characterized by simple and stylized forms.
Recently, Barry Falkner published in the online Automata Magazine plans for building Peter’s automaton called “The Birthday Flower“.
So, I would like to pay a tribute to Peter Markey by reproducing The Birthday Flower on paper, in the form of assembly kit by using the technique of “Removable Interlocking Pins” (RIPs), which allows the automaton to be assembled without glue, starting from some basic shapes very easy to build.
The Birthday Flower thus becomes a nice gift!
Thank you Barry and, of course, thank you Peter!

Peter Markey è stato un artista conosciuto come creatore di automi poetici. Il suo lavoro è noto per la semplicità del disegno e l’uso di colori vivaci. Non si curava di una rappresentazione realistica e non ha mai intagliato il legno che ha usato (Cabaret Mechanical Theatre).
Le sue creazioni, sia in legno che in carta, sono state quindi caratterizzate da forme semplici e stilizzate.
Recentemente, Barry Falkner ha pubblicato sulla rivista online Automata Magazine i piani di costruzione di un automa di Peter, chiamato “The Birthday Flower”.
Ho pensato quindi di rendere omaggio a Peter Markey riproducendo The Birthday Flower su carta, sotto forma di un kit di montaggio utilizzando la tecnica dei perni di bloccaggio rimovibili, “Removable Interlocking Pins” (RIPs), che permette di assemblare l’automa senza colla, a partire da alcune forme basiche molto facili da costruire.
The Birthday Flower diventa così un simpatico regalo!
Grazie Barry e, ovviamente, grazie Peter!

Thanks to the RIP (Removable Interlocking Pin) technology, The Birthday Flower can be assembled and disassembled several times, and can be stored and/or given away in an assembly kit.

Grazie alla tecnologia RIP (perni di bloccaggio rimovibili), The Birthday Flower può essere montato e smontato più volte, e può essere conservato e/o regalato in una scatola di montaggio.

Have fun! / Buon divertimento!

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18 Responses to The Birthday Flower (tribute to Peter Markey)

  1. KimSan Huynh says:

    Thank you very much for this new paper automaton.
    I think it is a nice act. Thank you, Pino! a lovely work.

  2. Christoph Witt says:

    hello Pino,

    thank you very much for this new paper automaton.
    I think it is a nice act that you have realized the paper version of an automaton by (and in memory of) Peter Markey.

    Many greetings

  3. Paola says:

    Thank you, Pino! a lovely work (as usual 🙂 ) and an interesting story

  4. Amy Laslow says:

    Many years ago, I happened upon your amazing website. As a middle school Visual Arts and Technology Education teacher, I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate FUN, exciting and engaging learning manipulatives. I have constructed several of your designs, but my students just love Warning, Air Pockets! … the multiple movements and whimsy are genius!!! This design would be a wonderful edition and I cannot wait to complete it! THANK YOU so very much for your selfless sharing, but just letting you know that your designs have piqued the interest of many of my students inspiring them to seek further studies in engineering and design!!! As a former mechanical engineer for Rockwell International, I know the importance of having positive influences at such a young age and I am so happy to have discovered your generosity, knowledge and vision to share with my kids … Kudos and Much Thanks from Dover Air Middle School (Dover, Delaware USA)

  5. Hi Pino.. Thanks for all the inspiration you give me with your amazing and wonderful works… GRAZIE

  6. Paolo Ghidini says:

    Thank you for the information and for this beautiful model of yours. Bye Paolo*

  7. Miro says:

    Wonderful model in its simplicity, Great immaginative work, Pino.

  8. Chris Culpin says:

    Thanks for remembering Peter Markey so well!

  9. Herbert says:

    Another nice model, thank you

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