Sand Powered Mechanical Hammer / Martello Meccanico a Sabbia

This model is my free interpretation of the mechanical hammer designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
After putting sand in the upper container, its fall causes the paddle wheel to turn, which in turn drives the mechanical hammer cam.
NO GLUE is needed for part assembly!
2 models in 1! The crank operated mechanical hammer + the sand powered mechanical hammer.
Recreational, educational, enjoyable!
Ideal gift for inquisitive and smart people…

Thanks to the RIP Technology, no glue is needed in order to assemble the model… and you can assemble, disassemble and reassemble the model over and over again.

Grazie alla tecnologia RIP l’assemblaggio del modello è effettuato senza colla… e potrai quindi montare, smontare e rimontare il modello più e più volte.


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