Sand Powered Mechanical Hammer / Martello Meccanico a Sabbia

This model is my free interpretation of the mechanical hammer designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
After putting sand in the upper container, its fall causes the paddle wheel to turn, which in turn drives the mechanical hammer cam.
NO GLUE is needed for part assembly!
2 models in 1! The crank operated mechanical hammer + the sand powered mechanical hammer.
Recreational, educational, enjoyable!
Ideal gift for inquisitive and smart people…

Thanks to the RIP Technology, no glue is needed in order to assemble the model… and you can assemble, disassemble and reassemble the model over and over again.

Grazie alla Tecnologia RIP l’assemblaggio del modello è effettuato senza colla… e potrai quindi montare, smontare e rimontare il modello più e più volte.


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8 Responses to Sand Powered Mechanical Hammer / Martello Meccanico a Sabbia

  1. Soraia Oliveira says:

    Obrigada! (Thank you!)

  2. maxlrainer says:

    Ciao, Pino,
    che bell’aggiornamento per il vostro martello meccanico del 2006 (o era il 2005?)
    Ricordo che qualche tempo fa stavate cercando un modello per una ruota dell’acqua (ruota della sabbia). Sono contento che lei abbia avuto successo e che ora ci metta a disposizione questa meravigliosa macchina. Grazie mille per questo.

    Tanti saluti

  3. MooNFish says:

    Very nice upgrade)
    I love your works

  4. Maziar says:

    Believe me…

  5. Maziar says:

    You are a perfect intelligent artist who has a scientific sight to the environment. From my understanding, based on our discussions, the trace of your philosophical view is detectable in your art as well.


  6. Thankyou Giuseppe! What a wonderful model. It is a modern design at the same time as it making history live. Leonardo, yes, but also in the history of paper modelling sand powered models were stimulating young boys in the 19th century to try creative mechanical thinking.
    I do look forward to building it.
    I myself tried some years ago to construct a very small air driven hammer
    All the best from Sweden

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