“Remaking the Heavens” /2. Scan, prototype, and the North Pole

Almost two years already passed since I published my first (and last) post on “Remaking the Heavens”. Well, I worked on it, but not enough…


The first thing I did was to scan the pages of the “Libro dei Globi”. That book contains several series of celestial (and terrestrial, too) gores for making globes of different size. I chose the series with maximum size, since it allows to reach optimum image resolution. Due to the size of the book (35×51 cm), and to ensure optimal results, I have committed the job to a professional firm (Be.One.Digital). Three types of images (.tiff) were produced: colored (as it is), grey scale, and b/n. The b/n version resulted the best in terms of definition and clearness, suitable for being colored. 

Then, I prepared the 3D model of the sphere (24 half-gores with 36 meridional segments). I decided to subdivide the sphere into 24 gores, instead of the classical 12 gores in order to improve the spherical shape of the globe. The assembling procedure will be longer, but the gores will be easier to handle.

Later, I worked on the texture UV mapping, that is the 3D adaptation of the scanned gores onto the sphere surface. I used Metasequoia software, very simple but effective.
The planar developments were produced by means of a software called Pepakura, the most effective, versatile, and cheap software currently on the market. 

At present, the situation is as follows:

the north hemisphere is ready in the b/w version and was already built and tested, as you can see from the picture:

20160904_092435The north Pole plate (“Costellationi Celesti del Polo Artico”) was colored and stored in four different versions, that will be the available versions of the two (30 and 50 cm diameter) final globes: b/w, blue background (bg) with stars, and two final (presumably) colored versions (on blue and cream bgs).

cN-00000165-compr   cN-00000165-COLORE_sfondo77.66.0.-20-compr

cN-00000165-COLOREdef0.5.30.0-compr   cN-00000165-COLOREdef77.66.0.-20-compr

In total, there will be eight versions of the celestial globe.

Well, now I have to color the remaining 49 (!!!) plates!

In the meanwhile, as you can see on the dedicated page, I corrected the introducing cartouche with a less defined (and more realistic) “final” date of publication…

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13 Responses to “Remaking the Heavens” /2. Scan, prototype, and the North Pole

  1. bonzo says:

    Hi Pino,
    who is your globe coming along?
    You didn`t abandon the project, did you?

    Do you know any places in internet where you can find gores to celestial globes?

    Appreciate your work man!

  2. Daniel Morgan says:

    This is a tremendously exciting project. I am an astronomy teacher and I am eager to assemble this for my classroom.

  3. bozno says:

    Hi Pino,
    I really enjoy your globes.. is there any chance you will share the black and white celestial gores? thanks

    • paperpino says:

      Good question…
      I will try (by this year) to complete the big b/w Coronelli’s celestial globe (50 cm diameter).

  4. Gentilissimo,

    siamo onorati di aver partecipato alla creazione del vostro fantastico progetto!

    Le auguriamo il meglio per il futuro.


    Fulvio Salimbeni

  5. Amy Laslow says:

    You are such an inspiring creator!!! Absolutely LOVE all that you do and share openly!!!

  6. mark beachell says:

    I think you are about to create something I could seriously desire!

  7. Bravo Giuseppe pour ce magnifique projet !
    Bonne suite et à bientôt . . .

  8. Cliff Pritchard says:

    Hi Pino,
    It looks amazing, I am sure the wait for the finished globe will be worth it.


  9. Maricha says:

    This is amazing work. I can’t wait to see the finished globe.

  10. Celina says:

    Very neat! I always enjoy your work

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