MACHINA at 50%

Andi Rüegg, a talented Swiss paper modeler, has come up with the idea of building a 50% version of MACHINA. Honestly, I thought he couldn’t do it, but the final result is simply fabulous. See his construction report (very informative) at, a German paper modellers forum.


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paperPino’s GARAGE

Mauther, from Brazil, owner of PAPERMAU, (a huge collection of free original and exclusive paper models and the best, rare and unusual free papercrafts of all the world!) dedicated one of his lovely American 1950’s style garages to me. Thanks a lot!

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Although apparently this machine might seem completely useless, it is the proof that everything (or almost everything) is possible with paper…
Download, print, build and have fun!

(660x165x220 mm)

Sebbene apparentemente questa macchina possa sembrare del tutto inutile, essa è la dimostrazione che tutto (o quasi) è possibile con la carta.
Scarica, stampa, costruisci e buon divertimento!!!

More pictures of the MACHINA here

Altre foto della MACHINA qui

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Sand Powered Mechanical Hammer / Martello Meccanico a Sabbia

This model is my free interpretation of the mechanical hammer designed by Leonardo da Vinci.
After putting sand in the upper container, its fall causes the paddle wheel to turn, which in turn drives the mechanical hammer cam.
NO GLUE is needed for part assembly!
2 models in 1! The crank operated mechanical hammer + the sand powered mechanical hammer.
Recreational, educational, enjoyable!
Ideal gift for inquisitive and smart people…

Thanks to the RIP Technology, no glue is needed in order to assemble the model… and you can assemble, disassemble and reassemble the model over and over again.

Grazie alla Tecnologia RIP l’assemblaggio del modello è effettuato senza colla… e potrai quindi montare, smontare e rimontare il modello più e più volte.


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Fabergé paper Egg (2015)

Note: texture modified from the original by 3DTaxi


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The boxy-Christmas Set

Original 3d models by PolygunShoot ( modified and adapted at paperPino’s workshop in Trieste (Italy).

These paper models are easy to build as they consist of boxes, boxes, and more boxes… For best results, I suggest to use 200 g/sqm cardboard.
Enjoy, and…

Merry Christmas and Happy 2020!

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The MOON: the Near Side, the Dark Side


(High relief cm 33x23x6)

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Leonardo da Vinci’s 500th anniversary: my little tribute to the Genius


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Ponte di Leonardo / Leonardo’s Bridge

Di tutti i progetti di ponti di Leonardo, il ponte autoportante è certamente il più geniale nella semplicità della sua struttura e costruzione. Non sappiamo se questo ponte sia mai stato messo in pratica, ma non è difficile credere che una costruzione così modulare, estremamente facile da trasportare e da assemblare, debba aver incontrato un grande favore da parte dei signori del Rinascimento che erano sempre alla ricerca di nuove tecnologie da utilizzare per scopi militari. Si tratta infatti di una struttura composta da semplici travi a sezione circolare, che vengono assemblate senza l’uso di fissaggi o giunzioni. Una volta assemblato, il peso del ponte è sufficiente per esercitare la pressione necessaria in modo che le travi longitudinali – chiudendosi come un paio di forbici – blocchino le travi trasversali in posizione, evitando così il collasso della struttura. Maggiore è la pressione sulla parte superiore di questo ponte, maggiore è la sua stabilità. (da

Of all Leonardo’s bridge designs, the self-supporting bridge is certainly the most ingenious in the simplicity of its structure and construction. We do not know whether this bridge was ever put to practical use, but it is not hard to believe that such a modular construction, extremely easy to transport and to assemble, must have met with great favor from the Renaissance lords who were always on the lookout for new technologies to put to military use. It is in fact a structure composed of simple circular section beams, which are assembled without the use of fastenings or interlocking joints. Once assembled, the weight of the bridge should be sufficient to exert the necessary pressure so that the longitudinal beams – closing like a pair of scissors – lock the transverse beams in place, thus preventing the structure from collapsing. The greater the pressure on the upper part of this bridge, the greater its stability. (from

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OGS Explora is an oceanic research vessel owned by the Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e Geofisica Sperimentale – OGS. The ship offers the national and international scientific community a wide range of functionalities, being equipped with laboratories and scientific equipment that allow it to operate in the fields of geophysics, geology, marine biology, and oceanography.

The Papermodel (scale 1:144)
Paper: 160 gsm, 80 gsm
Lenght: 51.5 cm
Width:8.5 cm
Height: 15.4 cm
Number of parts: 165
Instruction: visual, photo (italian, english)
Difficulty: 3/5

Model Pictures and Photo Instructions available at this page.

Enthusiasts can find photos and interesting information about the original Explora and its sister Prospekta in this old document published by the builder Prakla-Seismos GmbH in Hannover: Geophysical Research Vessels PROSPEKTA and EXPLORA

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