Meteor M84/3: comics by Fernando Rozada

The transMediterranean oceanographic cruise on board of the research vessel Meteor gave me the opportunity to meet (and to share the cabin with) Fernando Rozada, a skilled bio/chem technician working in Vigo (Spain), but he comes from the region of Castilla y Leon, or, as he prefers to say, from Leon. During the cruise we discovered that Fernando is a talentuous comics writer, too. He condensed our Mediterranean adventure in few funny strips, capturing with humour some of the topic events of the cruise.
So, enjoy the art of Fernando Rozada.
Thank you Fernando!

click to Fernando’s M84/3 Comics…

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5 Responses to Meteor M84/3: comics by Fernando Rozada

  1. 彭浩天 says:

    不错不错( ^_^ )

  2. miro says:

    great cartoon

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