Although apparently this machine might seem completely useless, it is the proof that everything (or almost everything) is possible with paper…
Download, print, build and have fun!

(660x165x220 mm)

Sebbene apparentemente questa macchina possa sembrare del tutto inutile, essa è la dimostrazione che tutto (o quasi) è possibile con la carta.
Scarica, stampa, costruisci e buon divertimento!!!

More pictures of the MACHINA here

Altre foto della MACHINA qui

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9 Responses to MACHINA

  1. Andi Rüegg says:

    I have just finished building MACHINA at half size. Accordingly, I used paper of 160 g/m2 except for the spheres where I used normal photo paper. It works simply fine also at this size. The crank is a bit small for my fingers, but my grandchildren just love it! My conclusion: MACHINA is simply fun: to build, to watch, to operate!
    Click to see the video


    Puxa, que incrível. O melhor site/blog que conheço do assunto. Obrigada por existir. S2

  3. olivier says:

    Bonjour PINO,
    Votre travaille est formidable ….
    J’ai construit votre ROLLING CIRCUS que j’ai transformé pour qu’il fonctionne avec des billes et aussi votre MACHINA
    Fabuleux automates !
    J’attends avec impatience vos prochaines réalisations…

  4. Herbert Klages says:

    Thanks for the great model. It will certainly take a long time to finish. But we have time. Please stay healthy.

  5. Artem says:

    I’ve always been amazed by transporting automata (remember the headless lion tamer 😉 ) and this machine looks just amazing! Thank you for creating it!

  6. mauther says:

    Mr. Civitarese,
    With each creation of yours, you simply go further. I can’t even imagine the work that you did designing this “Machina”.
    Thank you very much for sharing all these brilliant works.

  7. Alice says:

    What great fun. Thank you so much.

  8. Ali van den Berge says:

    Ohh you must be designing forever with this machina.. You are a great model builder.

  9. Jonathan Sims says:

    I am amazed at this beautiful paper model. You are so talented and have again, left me amazed, and I cant wait to build this with my family this winter.

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