Leonardo’s Mechanical Hammer / Martello meccanico di Leonardo

This is one of the simplest machines designed by Leonardo in order to improve the human performance. A lever connected to the hammer is moved by means of an eccentric cam. At each turn of the handle, the hammer gives a stroke. As a matter of fact, the real hammer is supposed to be powered by a water paddle-wheel. An implementation with a paddle-wheel powered by sand is planned for the next future.

Technical Data
Mechanisms: snail cam
Number of parts: 44+9(box)
Size: 1 70x110x170(h) mm
Paper: 160 gsm (US 90 lb card stock)
Instructions: in Italian and English, color illustrated
Difficulty: 3/5



The model is made up with 44 parts, that can be assembled without glue thanks to the Removable Interlocking Pin System (RIPS).

The complete set, inclusive of the assembling instructions, can be contained in an elegant kit box (to build).

John Watterson (beta-test); Karen Watterson (linguistic advice)

Questa è una delle macchine più semplici progettate da Leonardo per migliorare l’efficienza del lavoro umano. Una camma eccentrica determina lo spostamento di una leva collegata ad un martello. Ad ogni giro della manovella il martello dà un colpo sulla grossa incudine. Nella realtà, il martello veniva azionato probabilmente da una ruota ad acqua. Il modellino è messo in movimento tramite una manovella, ma è prevista l’implementazione con una ruota a sabbia.

Il modello è formato da 44 parti, assemblabili senza colla grazie al sistema di perni di bloccaggio rimovibili (RIPS-Removable Interlocking Pin System).

Il set completo, incluse le istruzioni per il montaggio, può essere contenuto in una elegante scatola di montaggio da costruire.

Dati Tecnici
: camma eccentrica
Numero di parti: 44+9(scatola)
Dimensioni: 1 70x110x170(h) mm
Carta: 160 g/mq (US 90 lb card stock)
Istruzioni: in italiano, inglese, con illustrazioni a colori
Difficoltà: 3/5 


John Watterson (beta-test); Karen Watterson (controllo traduzioni)

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10 Responses to Leonardo’s Mechanical Hammer / Martello meccanico di Leonardo

  1. Lisa Hills says:

    My son loves everything Leonardo and I can hardly wait to share your work with him. Thank you. It will give us one more way to connect.
    Best regards, Lisa

  2. Dear Mr. Pino,
    I just completed this model for my husband. He was thrilled. Okay, so I had to present him with the completed model, and it’s still on display ON TOP OF the box. Oh well. I still can’t get him to try the hexis puzzle I made.

    Your projects are absolutely delightful! I can’t wait to see more.

    And if you do post the Leonardo’s anemometer, I’ll HAVE to make it for the man. He’s fascinated by these paper machines.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Tamara Monteau

  3. Oscar says:

    Dear paperpino,

    I have found some infomation about the “Leonardo’s anemometer”, can you share for the public?


    P.S. Someone is selling your design and priced 1RMB in China:


  4. nolan says:

    what kind of paper should I use.

    • paperpino says:

      Hi Nolan!
      For my design I use 160 gsm paper (or US 90 lb card stock).

      • daniel says:

        can i use photo paper?

        • paperpino says:

          Yes, of course!
          For some models I use HP everyday photopaper A4 format (200 g/m2) that is a good compromise between quality and cost. Of course, working with photopaper is a little be more difficult than normal paper…

  5. I really like the things I see on the site, but at the moment I am looking for the patterns of
    – double cone
    – reel circus
    – moving oil well

    I had them on my computer once, but they are gone!!!
    Where can I download them again???
    Can you send them to me????
    PLEASE let me know…

  6. Carlos Filipe says:

    I have to address to you in english as my rudimentary italian is so rusty I’m totally unable to write.
    This is an intriguing model, original subject and aesthetically pleasing.
    Hope you feel in the mood to offer us some more Leonardo’s machines.
    piety your anemometer is no longer available…
    Thank you for sharing your work with other modelers. I’ll send you photos when i build it, although am very slow.
    Best regards

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