Giant RRC in Cleveland

Christopher Busta-Peck at the Langston Hughes branch of Cleveland Public Library built this giant version of my Rolling Reels Circus “for the enjoyment of children and adults alike“.

Video by Ron English.

It is a work in progress – further work will involve running the device off of an electric motor as well as use of the driveshaft to power other types of paper automata, Christopher said.

Thank you, Christopher, I like it very much!

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5 Responses to Giant RRC in Cleveland

  1. Alfred says:

    Very interesting.

  2. Christoph Witt says:

    Hello Pino,

    the RRC was one of my first automata building. I built it in 2005. It is amazing to see this giant version of your model.
    You really can be happy (and proud!).

    Best wishes

  3. hakan says:

    Hi from Turkey. I love your works. Please make lots of new things. Thanks for this website.

  4. ahmet says:

    it’s wonderfull.

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