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Electro Man is the forbidden dream of so many collectors that at the end of 2021 it was auctioned for $84,000. Yes, that’s right, you heard me right: eighty-four thousand dollars!!! It is a 1960s Japanese tin robot, battery-powered, highly animated, and beautifully lithographed.

Much more modestly, I made a hand-pushed, paper version of it, named Electro Paper Man, trying to reproduce the richness of the lithographs and the complexity of the movement.

Electro Man è il sogno proibito di tanti collezionisti, tanto che alla fine del 2021 è stato battuto all’asta per 84.000 dollari. Sì, proprio così, avete capito bene: ottantaquattromila dollari!!! E’ un robottino di latta giapponese degli anni ’60, a batteria, molto movimentato e splendidamente litografato.

Molto più modestamente, io ne ho fatto una versione su carta, chiamato Electro Paper Man, a spinta manuale, cercando di riprodurre la ricchezza delle litografie e la complessità del movimento.

Nel meccanismo principale di EPM, la ruota aziona un meccanismo a ritorno rapido, dove la barra scanalata, che costituisce la gamba, è a sua volta connessa tramite una leva al braccio.
In the main mechanism of EPM, the wheel drives a quick-return mechanism, where the slotted bar, which forms the leg, is in turn connected by a lever to the arm.

On October 2022, Electro Paper Man was sent to Mars with the purpose of checking for regions with more favorable atmospheric composition…

EPM Mission to Mars

This project was developed from Tim Braslavsky's 3D model (cgtrader.com)
and iconographic material on the web pages: 
Tim Braslavsky Portfolio
Vintage Spacetoys
The Old Robots Web Site
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5 Responses to EPM – Electro Paper Man

  1. Paola says:

    Modello bellissimo, originale e sorprendente come sempre, e il video è fantastico.

  2. Andi Rüegg says:

    Hi, Pino

    Thank you so much for another of your wonderful automata! I am particularly impressed with the quick return mechanism: so effective and so simple.

    Andi Rüegg

  3. Herbert says:

    Another nice model, I hope to have time to build it soon.
    But the video is also great and more up-to-date than ever.

  4. Paolo Ghidini says:

    Complimenti Pino, sempre speciale. A presto p*

  5. Brian Day says:

    Great video of the Electro Man on Mars! Really enjoy getting your notifications of new models to build and I’ve done several. I’m looking forward to building Electro Man. Appreciate your sharing your talent and creativity with so many!

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