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Flying Santa / Babbo Natale Volante

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The Rolling Reels Circus / Il Circo dei Rocchetti Rotolanti

As Tom Mitchell said: This is the perfect thing to have at work for when I need a “mental health moment”. Released year: 2005         Thank you michael42er!

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The Incredible Anti-Gravity Double Cone / L’incredibile Doppio Cono Anti-Gravitazionale

This model (a wooden version) was used in one of the physics experiments described in the works by the French abbot Jean Antoine Nollet (1700-1770). When the double cone is placed at the lower end of the frame, it automatically starts to roll … Continue reading

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Leonardo’s Mechanical Hammer / Martello meccanico di Leonardo

This is one of the simplest machines designed by Leonardo in order to improve the human performance. A lever connected to the hammer is moved by means of an eccentric cam. At each turn of the handle, the hammer gives … Continue reading

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Wandering in the Sky / A zonzo tra le nuvole

Released on 2nd February 2006, WitS is my biggest and the most complex paper automaton I ever designed.

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Sweet Dreams / Sogni d’oro

On 16 September 2005, the automaton Sweet Dreams was launched on the web. At that time, it was considered the first paper automaton employing the mechanism called Geneva stop.  The Geneva stop (or Geneva drive) is a mechanism that translates … Continue reading

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