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A clock that counts down the critical time window to reach zero emissions (our “Deadline”), while tracking our progress on key solution pathways (“Lifelines”).

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coming soon…

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Place Santa on an inclined surface and… Colloca Il tuo Babbo Natale su un piano inclinato e…

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Grazie! / Thanks!

E’ tempo di bilanci e di ringraziamenti. Sono stati tre giorni molto intensi dove io, tendenzialmente orso, ho fatto un buon esercizio di socializzazione… Innanzitutto un immenso grazie a Cinzia Pizzi, senza la quale tutto ciò non sarebbe stato possibile … Continue reading

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paperPino at MAKER FAIRE – 2021

This year, I will be at the MAKER Faire 2021 (European Edition)!I will bring my automata, and in particular I will explain to the interested people the design and construction processes of Leonardo’s Mechanical Hammer. Come and see me! Quest’anno … Continue reading

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URSUS (1914)

March 2, 2011The old steel giant decided thatthe time to break his moorings and escapehad finally come.The Bora, blowing at over 170 km/h,was his accomplice.Quickly, Ursus gained the sea.Two tugs launchedin pursuit.It took hours to bridle himand bring him back … Continue reading

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Christmas Lamp / Lampada di Natale

A fretwork paper lamp for your Christmas timeUna lampada di carta traforata per il tuo Natale

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MACHINA at 50%

Andi Rüegg, a talented Swiss paper modeler, has come up with the idea of building a 50% version of MACHINA. Honestly, I thought he couldn’t do it, but the final result is simply fabulous. See his construction report (very informative) … Continue reading

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paperPino’s GARAGE

Mauther, from Brazil, owner of PAPERMAU, (a huge collection of free original and exclusive paper models and the best, rare and unusual free papercrafts of all the world!) dedicated one of his lovely American 1950’s style garages to me. Thanks … Continue reading

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Although apparently this machine might seem completely useless, it is the proof that everything (or almost everything) is possible with paper…Download, print, build and have fun! (660x165x220 mm) Sebbene apparentemente questa macchina possa sembrare del tutto inutile, essa è la … Continue reading

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