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Sweet Dreams / Sogni d’oro

On 16 September 2005, the automaton Sweet Dreams was launched on the web. At that time, it was considered the first paper automaton employing the mechanism called Geneva stop.  The Geneva stop (or Geneva drive) is a mechanism that translates … Continue reading

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Study for a Bull painted with pre columbian-like motifs

 This is a study for a life-size model that maybe in the future I will build. It measures mm 300x221x408. The 3D model was prepared after re-topologization of a model downloaded from the “INRIA Gamma team research database Website Collections” (

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Italian tomato souce recipe for the Southern Hemisphere

Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, is winter. But do not forget that in the other half of our Earth is summer, with warmy and sunny days! So, as the first post of my new site, I decided to add an old … Continue reading

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