Study for a Bull painted with pre columbian-like motifs

 This is a study for a life-size model that maybe in the future I will build. It measures mm 300x221x408. The 3D model was prepared after re-topologization of a model downloaded from the “INRIA Gamma team research database Website Collections”

Re-topologization consists in reducing the number of polygons without altering the original topology (3D geometry) of the model. This procedure is largely employed in the 3D game industry. The colorful texture used to “paint” the Bull was downloaded from

The paper used for building the model was Epson Photo Paper Glossy (190 gsm). 

Questo è uno studio per un modello a grandezza naturale che forse farò in futuro. Misura mm 300x221x408. Il modello 3D è stato preparato dopo re-topologizzazione di un modello scaricato dal “INRIA Gamma team research database Website Collections”
( La re-topologizzazione consiste nel ridurre il numero dei poligoni del modello 3D senza alterare il più possibile la sua topologia (geometria 3D) originale. Questa procedura è largamente impiegata nell’industria dei videogiochi 3D. La coloratissima texture usata per “dipingere” il Toro è stata scaricata da  

Per la costruzione del modello è stata usata Epson Photo Paper Glossy (190 g/mq).      


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6 Responses to Study for a Bull painted with pre columbian-like motifs

  1. Tim Crowe says:

    Looks a great model. Have printed it out and now building it. Will let you know how I get on.

  2. Tim Crowe says:

    Finished it:

    Very pleased with the result

    Thank you for publishing the model

  3. Gabriel Valencia says:

    Dear Paperpino:

    I took the model , enhanced the parts with poster razor and built a bull of (at least) a meter tall, I Got a Monumental Kraft the only thing I changed was the colour because I painted it with a dark brown can of spray.

  4. Alison Nichol-Smith says:

    Made the bull. It doesn’t look quite as good as yours because I could not avoid white card showing at some joins from the tabs. I probably wasn’t precise enough, and my glue was not of the ideal type for shiny paper. But it’s still great. And big! My plan is to copy your design but use photographs of a recent family holiday as, so that the bull is made up of fragments of images that the family will enjoy. Hope that’s okay with you?

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