Flying Santa / Babbo Natale Volante

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The Rolling Reels Circus / Il Circo dei Rocchetti Rotolanti

Rolling Reels Circus

As Tom Mitchell said:
This is the perfect thing to have at work for when I need a “mental health moment”.

Released year: 2005





Thank you michael42er!

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Meteor M84/3: comics by Fernando Rozada

The transMediterranean oceanographic cruise on board of the research vessel Meteor gave me the opportunity to meet (and to share the cabin with) Fernando Rozada, a skilled bio/chem technician working in Vigo (Spain), but he comes from the region of Castilla y Leon, or, as he prefers to say, from Leon. During the cruise we discovered that Fernando is a talentuous comics writer, too. He condensed our Mediterranean adventure in few funny strips, capturing with humour some of the topic events of the cruise.
So, enjoy the art of Fernando Rozada.
Thank you Fernando!

click to Fernando’s M84/3 Comics…

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The METEOR transMediterranean Cruise 2011

From 5 to 28 April 2011 I will be on board of the German research ressel METEOR for a transMediterranean cruise. The principal scientific objective of the cruise (code M84/3) has two closely-linked components: understanding and documenting the large-scale Mediterranean water property distributions, their changes and drivers of those changes, and addressing questions of a future Mediterranean Sea that will increase in dissolved inorganic carbon, might become more stratified and experience changes in circulation and ventilation processes due to global warming. [from Meteor M84 Booklet, ed.: Institut fur Meereskunde Universitat Hamburg]

In the picture above the planned cruise track is depicted. Oceanographic stations are marked with different colors, according to the scientific activity planned.

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The Incredible Anti-Gravity Double Cone / L’incredibile Doppio Cono Anti-Gravitazionale

This model (a wooden version) was used in one of the physics experiments described in the works by the French abbot Jean Antoine Nollet (1700-1770). When the double cone is placed at the lower end of the frame, it automatically starts to roll upward, giving the impression of defying the universal law of gravitational force. Because of this phenomenon, astonishing in its seeming contradiction of common sense, the apparatus was often described as a “mechanical paradox.” [for more information, visit]

Questo modello (la sua versione in legno) fu usato in uno dei tanti esperimenti di fisica descritti per la prima volta in Francia nelle opere dell’abate francese Jean Antoine Nollet (1700-1770). Quando il doppio cono è posto sul bordo basso del binario, automaticamente comincia a rotolare verso il bordo alto, dando l’impressione di non seguire la legge universale della gravità. A causa di questo strabiliante comportamento, che sembra in contraddizione con il senso comune, l’apparato fu spesso descritto come un “paradosso meccanico”. [per maggiori informazioni, visita]

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Leonardo’s Mechanical Hammer / Martello meccanico di Leonardo

This is one of the simplest machines designed by Leonardo in order to improve the human performance. A lever connected to the hammer is moved by means of an eccentric cam. At each turn of the handle, the hammer gives a stroke. As a matter of fact, the real hammer is supposed to be powered by a water paddle-wheel. An implementation with a paddle-wheel powered by sand is planned for the next future.

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Wandering in the Sky / A zonzo tra le nuvole

Released on 2nd February 2006, WitS is my biggest and the most complex paper automaton I ever designed.

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Sweet Dreams / Sogni d’oro

On 16 September 2005, the automaton Sweet Dreams was launched on the web. At that time, it was considered the first paper automaton employing the mechanism called Geneva stop. 

The Geneva stop (or Geneva drive) is a mechanism that translates a continuous rotation into an intermittent rotary motion. It is an intermittent gear where the drive wheel has a pin that reaches into a slot of the driven wheel and thereby advances it by one step. The drive wheel also has a raised circular blocking disc that locks the driven wheel in position between steps. The name derives from the device’s earliest application in mechanical watches, Switzerland and Geneva being an important center of watchmaking. One application of the Geneva drive is in movie projectors: the film does not run continuously through the projector. Instead, the film is advanced frame by frame, each frame standing still in front of the lens of 1/24th of a second. (from Wikipedia)

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Study for a Bull painted with pre columbian-like motifs

 This is a study for a life-size model that maybe in the future I will build. It measures mm 300x221x408. The 3D model was prepared after re-topologization of a model downloaded from the “INRIA Gamma team research database Website Collections”

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Italian tomato souce recipe for the Southern Hemisphere

Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, is winter. But do not forget that in the other half of our Earth is summer, with warmy and sunny days! So, as the first post of my new site, I decided to add an old webpage illustrating the procedure for a fantastic tomato souce, together with a delicious Italian recipe. Enjoy them!

Nel nostro emisfero è inverno, ma non dimentichiamoci che nell’altra metà della nostra Terra è estate, con tanti giorni caldi ed assolati! Come primo post ho quindi pensato di aggiungere una mia vecchia pagina web che illustra la procedura per ottenere una fantastica salsa di pomodoro, assieme ad una deliziosa ricetta italiana. Gustatele entrambe!

Click to the Tomato Souce Webpage

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