Nocturnal Celestial Globe / Globo Celeste Notturno

Plancius' nocturnal paper globe

          paper globe

Petrus Plancius (Pieter Platevoet, 1552-1622) was a famous Flemish cartographer. He included new constellations in the austral celestial emisphere. In 1612, he drew 12 gores for a 14.5 cm diameter celestial globe, with eight new constellations inspired to the Bible. For the present model, the original gores published in 1649, were downloaded from the Bibliothèque nationale de France website. The colours of the original file were digitally converted in the “nocturnal” version here presented.

Petrus Plancius (Pieter Platevoet, 1552-1622) fu un famoso cartografo fiammingo. Autore di numerosi globi celesti, egli introdusse nuove costellazioni nell’emisfero australe. Nel 1612 disegnò 12 fusi per un piccolo globo celeste del diametro di 14.5 cm, in cui compaiono otto nuove costellazioni ispirate alla Bibbia. Per questo modello, i fusi originali, pubblicati nel 1649, sono quelli scaricabili dal sito web della Bibliothèque nationale de France. Con un semplice processo di ridefinizione della gamma cromatica, i fusi sono stati trasformati nella versione “notturna” qui proposta.



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5 Responses to Nocturnal Celestial Globe / Globo Celeste Notturno

  1. Merci beaucoup pour ce dernier modèle, qui comme tous les autres est superbe !

    Amitié, Michel

    (Michel cerfvoliste du Forum en Papier)

  2. Michael Macklin says:

    I have learnt so much from your models as I start down the road of paper craft. This again is an absolutely superb piece of work. Congratulations on sharing this with the world…and we in the antipodes of Australia.

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