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Leonardo’s Anemometer

Within the frame of his studies about the flight, Leonardo designed an instrument for measuring the wind intensity and direction. In the so called “thin sheet anemometer”, the wind intensity is proportional to the shift of the thin sheet, measured … Continue reading

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“Remaking the Heavens” /1

For long time I surfed the web in searching for hi-res digital files representing celestial (and terrestrial) gores by Venetian cartographer Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718). The best I found was a pdf version of the “Atlas Céleste, composé d’un globe de douze pieds … Continue reading

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WAP downscaled to 50%

Herbert (moderator at the German paper modellers forum downscaled WAP to 50%. He posted  three movies and some picture of his work to the German forum. The result is terrific! Consider that Herbert built a lot of tiny rivets to add 3D effects to … Continue reading

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PaperPino’s Newsletter

Dear Friends, now you can subscribe to my Newsletter service. Look at the end of the right column and insert your e-mail address. Do not worry, I will not bother with too many news…, my models creation proceed slowly (though inexorable…), … Continue reading

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Do you remember “The MATRIX”?

     after the hako infection (2004)…

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The first time the word “America”…

… appeared on Earth. Globe diameter: 12 cm In 1901 Joseph Fisher, a Jesuit historian who was conducting research in in the library of Prince Johannes zu Waldburg- Wolfegg in Wolfegg Castle in Württemberg, Germany, discovered the famous large Waldseemueller’s … Continue reading

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Pardie’s Celestial Globe (Christmas Ball version)

The Christmas Ball version of Pardies’ Celestial Globe is now available! Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2014!

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Celestial Globe from Ignace-Gaston Pardies’ Tables

[diameter of the Celestial Globe: 25 cm] Visit the David Rumsey Map Collection website to admire and download Pardies’ star and constellation maps. Another great website with a lot of information about Pardies’ masterpiece is Atlas Coelestis (sorry, mostly in Italian…). … Continue reading

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WAP – WARNING! Air Pockets

[25x30x40 cm, 165 parts, about 90Mb] The Mechanism. WAP is a paper automaton whose main mechanism is Redtenbacher`s variation of the Cartwright straight-line mechanism, a twin gear driving a common slider crank. If the two gears have different but almost equal … Continue reading

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DRACULA (Hako version, 2004)

Years ago, paper modellers community was very excited by the so called hako designs, small paper figures mainly made of boxy parts assembled together. There was a bloom of paper hakos, some of them truly exquisite. As many others, I designed some hako models, too. Dracula was the first … Continue reading

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